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A place where you can choose your own adventure.  Discover what Australians are saying about brands, products, services, trending topics and discussions. Join thousands of engaged people in there journey in shaping the brands they love whilst being rewarded.

Health & Wellness Research Community

Health and Wellness: Healthy living tips and ideas shared in our online community.

Family & Parenting Research Community

Family and Parenting: A place to share ideas about Family Lifestyles and tell stories about the past.

Home & Lifestyle Research Community

Home and Lifestyle: An Online Community For Sharing Home Improvement Tips & Tricks

Food & Drink Research Community

Food and Drink Community: The perfect place for foodies and those who love a drop or two.

Beauty & Skincare Research Community

The Beauty and Skincare Community: The right place to find advice to keep you as beautiful as ever.

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Marketing research activities shape the brands of Australia. Join a Community for the most research activities.

SaySo’s online communities provide a solution for both the market researcher and consumer, both contributing to product and brand innovation.

Research Community members will spontaneously contribute their own content on an online community topic, often moderated by market researches to help consumers share the most valued opinions.

The marketing research activities are generally available in the form of discussions, blog entries, surveys, polls video journals or other multimedia. A SaySo online research community is unique and is built specifically to help innovate products for Australian consumers.

Our communities are used to help companies produce better marketing decisions based on real time insights the communities give. 

Not only do our members get rewarded for paid surveys they contribute collectively to paid studies over time in survey groups and focus groups, all while contributing to topics and in discussions they relate to. 

At SaySo we want to show you how important good market research is, and would like to give you further insight into how your involvement in an online community can make a difference.

Market Research Activities Available

Join a SaySo Market Research Community and earn SaySo Points for Gift Cards Online. 

Market Research Communities and their valued opinions define todays marketing research.

The online consumer communities at SaySo are different from most online shopper communities.

Offering different online communities and topics to each member, enables more contribution across an array of market research activities all in one convenient location.

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More Marketing Research Activities in our research communities.

Spread across SaySo’s consumer shopper communities, we offer a range of marketing research activities to our clients and members to participate in. Most market research activities fall within qualitative research, quantitative research, and sensory market research.

Our engaged Online Consumer Community members generally commit 3 to 5 days a week to our paid surveys, keeping up to date with all the communication and monthly reward prize give away. Generally our activities are quick and fun. Research Activities such as Online polls, online surveys, conversations, product reviews, online focus groups all shape the market research results.

SaySo is building more online market research communities to give you more choice for opinions online.

Join and have your say so in many of our custom shopper communities, built for some of Australia’s biggest brands. Take part in an array of online and onsite market research activities to help shape the brands you love.

The more time you give an opinion survey the more SaySo points you earn.  Take a look at some of our current consumer communities, join SaySo and follow the prompts to join.

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