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Companies want greater access to valued opinions and research in real time, faster than ever before in today’s market research space.

In response our online communities provide a solution for the market researcher and consumer, both contributing to product and brand innovation.

Research community members will spontaneously contribute their own content on an online community topic. Often these communities are moderated by market researches to help consumers share the most valued opinions.

The marketing research activities are generally available in the form of discussions, blog entries, surveys, polls video journals or other multimedia in realtime.


Unique by way of utilising a central database of consumers. These consumers are engaged regularly with topic and research continuity. These research communities are built specifically to help innovate products for Australian consumers.

As a result our communities are used to help companies produce better marketing decisions based on real time insights.

With an abundance of research members who love interacting within their chosen communities, research results are utilised more often. Similar to social media groups, opinions are valued and amplified to other like minded members. Topical discussions and activities are built to satisfy the community conversation.

Not only do our members get rewarded for paid surveys. Research members contribute collectively to paid studies over time in survey groups and focus groups, all while contributing to topics and in discussions they relate to.

At SaySo we want to show you how important good market research is. We would like to give you further insight into how your involvement in an online research community can make a difference.

Give More Valued Opinions in our Consumer Communities

Take part in market research activities designed for the brands you know and love.

SaySo delivers online marketing research into managed and engaged research communities

Our online consumer communities are built specifically for market research projects.

This makes us more than just an online research panel provider or another one of those new survey companies.

Our fun and vibrant research communities are the backbone of product innovation for Australian market research

Companies that pay you to do surveys only do that. Whereby at Sayso our communities can last for months and sometimes years.

This gives research members multiple options to have a SaySo and give valued opinions in many marketing research activities, not limiting you just to paid surveys

Better marketing decision get made with an online consumer community

An online consumer community is a virtual community. Commonly consisting of a closed network of members with a strong common interest that interact with each other online.

Short polls get sent out to members and responses are given within days or even hours. Communities are centrally managed by SaySo and market research professionals. These research communities require a number of engaged respondents to help shape research initiatives for products and brands of Australia. 

Unlike other market research providers, we offer access to volumes of committed likeminded consumers in one location on one market research platform. Our online community members are continually engaged with market trends and topics.

Focus groups, key topics of discussion and social forums all form part of the foundations which our communities are built on and help members communicate and share insights about the brands they love most. 

SaySo gives consumer insights in real time

SaySo consumer communities provide spontaneous, real-time consumer insights for Australian Brands.

This form of market research will help to inform rapid product, marketing and operational decisions. The research community is well-suited to gathering ad-hoc insights from the market at relatively short notice.

Market research panels general get used by multiple brands for random research activities once or twice per project. Generally when the project has finished the brand does not necessarily access the same pool of people moving forward.

Whereby the brands that use SaySo love the fact our members are engaged in relative open discussions, ongoing forums, and market research activities for longer periods of time. 

This continuity helps brands act on consumer behaviour and gives a higher-than-normal consumer engagement. This delivers more quality feedback for market research analysis.

SaySo consumer conversations shape market research 

SaySo’s online community market research platform has been specifically developed for online research purposes.

A bespoke research community is centred on a series of open discussion topics that follow much the same format as any other discussion thread that takes place on SaySo.

Spread across SaySo’s consumer shopper communities, we offer a range of marketing research activities to our clients and members to participate in. Most market research activities fall within qualitative research, quantitative research, and sensory market research.

The conversations in our research communities gather more in-depth and reflective insight compared to shorter-term qualitative research activities supplied by panels. This continuity alone, helps brands act on consumer behaviour giving a higher-than-normal consumer engagement. 

Our Market Research Communities Contribute More!

Generally a market research community is required to operate an engaged audience over 6, 12 or 24 months. This time frame generally builds enough continuity across engagement activities so to be in the best possible position for co-creation and innovation activities that shape the brands we love.

Our online research community is effectively a large “family of virtual friends” with common interests. This strong common interest is of great value to market researchers.

A successful online consumer community is made up of people who are passionate about their subject and is reflected when completing market research activities. Members of our community must feel passionate or at least very strongly about a subject for them to want to join with others and spend time talking about it.

Most market research activities are rewarded with $5 – $25 gift cards available online.  Each month the community discusses different topics relative to market trends. 

Some of our members join up to 5 separate SaySo communities and take part in general SaySo activities where applicable. This helps them shape more brands and receive more rewards for valued opinions.

Join an Online Community

Marketing research activities shape the brands of Australia

Join any of our market research communities today.

At SaySo our custom build market research platform enables us to distribute bespoke market research activities suited to member profiles.

Research criteria is matched to member profiles, which makes the research activities more relatable to participants.  Most activities are marketing surveys that pay members on completions on a regular basis.


Get instant rewards upon joining a consumer community online at SaySo.  With over 20 communities available to join your profile match will unlock future engagements online.


Engage with daily market research topics, sensory tests, product reviews, online surveys, community discussions and more. The level of engagement is your choice.


Gain instant access to bonus community rewards for your valued online opinions and redeem your online efforts with gift cards and vouchers.


This engagement will help unlock more marketing research activities. Further more if you join in multiple research communities more research activities and rewards will become available.

Explore more online polls, participate in online surveys, join discussion groups, try new products and earn rewards for your valued opinions.

Get involved and join the ongoing open discussions about Health and Wellness, Family and Parenting, Food and Drink, Home and Lifestyle or Beauty and Skincare.

Monthly egift card rewards are distributed to the most engaged members across our market research communities.

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Our market research communities are partnered with Australia's most iconic brands.

We build online market research communities to give you more choice when giving product opinions online.

Just by joining Sayso you get to have your say so in over 20 custom consumer online communities and open discussions. Our research communities are built for some of Australia’s biggest brands and reward over 20,000 members monthly.

Once you join you can take part in an array of online marketing activities and onsite market research activities to help shape the brands you love instore and online.

The more time you give to Sayso research and provide feedback on an opinion survey the more you earn. 

So take a look at some of our current consumer research communities and Join SaySo.

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The valued opinions we receive from community members contribute to the innovation of the brands you see every day. That’s why these valued opinions are rewarded ongoing in a online community and an easy way to access extra paid surveys. 


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Complete paid market research activities and earn instant rewards. Finish online surveys, opinion polls, and claim your e-gift cards. Refer friends and share rewards.


Earn more rewards with our client communities.  Here you take part in online discussions with some of Australia’s biggest brands.  Engage in research activities and get more rewards.


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 Australian brands love our online market research communities.

Over the years, SaySo has been instrumental in gathering and supplying market research insights. Analysis from like-minded respondents taking part in conversations and exercises around a given topic for some of Australia’s greatest brands.


SaySo will help you make money fast Australia

Do you want to share in the fun of a consumer community? 

Want others you know how to take part in paid research activities such as focus groups, advisory boards, vox pops and mobile surveys?

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Market Research Activities Available

Join a SaySo online community and earn online rewards for your valued opinion

Consumer Community Marketing Research Activities define paid market research Australia.

What is Market Research? The main types of market research in Australia are primary research and secondary research.

– Primary research includes surveys, focus groups, polls; a methodology used by researchers to collect data directly.

– Secondary market research, includes articles, info-graphics, and white papers, qualitative research, that gives insights into how consumers feel and think, and quantitative research, which uses data and statistics, such as website views, social media engagement, and subscribers.

What is a paid survey look like in a research community? A community online paid survey is a list of online questions that focuses on a community topic or segment. Survey results are then used to assist product invocation, brand strategies and overall consumer experiences.


What is a in home product test? In most cases consumers prepare and consume a product within their homes and share their experiences during and after the experimentation.

What is an online poll? Polls are an effective way to gauge broad public sentiment with a single question.

Online Polls are especially valuable to drive interest and participation in an Online Community topic.

In community market research, focus groups can explore a group’s response to a new product or service.

A mystery shopper will complete tasks at an assigned location. Tasks such as returning an item or purchasing a product.

Other job duties may include: visiting retail stores to observe customer service

Market research activities are used and moderated by market research professional. Common research activities are online polls, open discussions and online paid surveys.

Qualitative research involves collecting and analysing non-numerical data (e.g., text, video, or audio) to understand concepts, opinions, or experiences.

Quantitative research is the process of collecting and analysing numerical data.

This data can be used to find patterns and averages, make predictions, test causal relationships, and generalise results to wider populations.

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