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Healthy living tips and ideas shared in our online community.

Health & Wellness Research Activities Available

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Health & Wellness Research Community

Are you someone who cares about your health and wellbeing?

If you enjoy the outdoors or a healthy lifestyle and if you are interested in what other likeminded people do, you should have a look at our Health and Wellness Community.

An online wellness community you will fall in love with and find likeminded people discussing trends and topics that relate to you.

Engaged Conversation

Health and Wellness Community is an active community for people trying to live healthy lifestyles, sports professionals, fitness enthusiasts and just interested people in general. Members are willing to share tips and tricks and ask for help with their lifestyle. Throughout the month, SaySo moderators will ask the community research questions, as well as questions about trending topics and events.  Having a general interest in topics related to Health and Wellness will make it simple to participate in these conversations.  We sometimes have SaySo moderators join the discussion; don’t be shy and say hello.  


Market research actives are available, and each month we give away $1000 worth of SaySo points for those of you who engage the most. Gift Cards will be available to active members $5 to $25 per member.

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