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SaySo is a market research community where you have the opportunity to earn online rewards for participating in market research activities that shape leading, Australian brands. 

Yes, we have paid surveys Australia, but that is just the beginning! Members of SaySo have the opportunity to make a difference as a consumer and earn so much more with say so points rewards by participating in product trials, sampling and reviews, online focus groups, forums, mystery shopping and sensory testing. We offer our members opportunities to complete surveys for money via redemption of online gift cards.  Join SaySo and claim new member bonus rewards with our new points rewards program.

You Say So We Do.
Testing Products with a research community.

We want to hear what you have to say and our members love that we uphold our promise to them “You SaySo We Do” and provide the opportunity to help shape Australia’s most iconic brands. Here at SaySo is not like an ordinary online panel or survey provider. We are a vibrant online community that shapes the brands you see.

“My Opinions shape the products and brands I love” – Joe, SaySo member.

Testing Products with SaySo Gives more Surveys For Money Online more often.

Trusted Australian brands rely on members and their valued opinions daily to make fast, insightful decisions around their products and services. Our breadth and variety of SaySo surveys, unique marketing research activities and online rewards gives members the opportunity to earn so much more with SaySo, and they can choose the types of activities that appeal to them.

Earn more online rewards, have your say so in more discussion forums and join many more like minded people ready to shape Australian brands. This is your online consumer community built for real time market research by Australian market researchers. If you love talking about new and exciting products, or sharing ideas and reviews, get involved and join SaySo!


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Join now and take your first paid online survey to earn SaySo Points. More rewards more often, your commitment and opinions are valued at SaySo. Take part in online community polls or engage in our online community, it is easy to earn more online rewards with SaySo.

Testing Products & Paid Surveys
shape the brands we love.

Get your Australian Paid Survey. Earn rewards even if you screen out.

How to sign up for market research

All our members get access to paid market research online, either by joining ongoing community discussions, or taking part in marketing research activities.

We welcome people who are novice in conducting market research surveys and the most experience survey participants. Most market research activities are rewarded with a $5 to $200 gift card reward available online.


The simple sign up process will take you less than 5 minutes. Once you have joined you will start receiving market research activities you can complete.


Login and participate in daily market research activities such as polls, surveys, focus groups, discussion forums, product testing and reviews and more. 


Get access to e rewards for your valued opinions on market research and redeem with gift cards from some of Australia’s biggest retailers. 

You can join more online research communities

Each month our online community discusses different topics relative to market trends.  Some of our members join up to 5 separate SaySo communities, enjoying ongoing conversations and SaySo rewards.

Do you love aussie paid surveys?

Here at SaySo our online surveys unlock consumer opinions for specific research activities.

Just by joining SaySo you get access to marketing research activities that instantly reward for your opinion, online surveys for gift vouchers and more.

Paid Research and Online
research activities.

As a member, you may choose to participate in our core SaySo community or multiple bespoke communities. Our core SaySo community offers opportunities to share your perspective via marketing research activities.

Join now and take your first paid online survey, take part in a poll, participate in an online focus group, conduct a product trial, join a consumer community conversation and have your SaySo. Unlock instant rewards with SaySo!

Our Market Research
needs valued opinions

See more market research activities from SaySo.

SaySo members get more than just paid surveys.

When you join SaySo, you are joining an online community of thousands of people who choose to share their valued opinions and behaviours in exchange for rewards.

Testing Products help shape the brands you love. At SaySo Share and hear opinions, Try new products free and be rewarded, that’s our promise to you.  We will reward you for providing a  valued opinion.  Just for completing surveys for money.

Paid Surveys Shape
Australia’s Brands.

Working with some of Australia’s most iconic brands and businesses, our members participate in a broad range of paid marketing research activities across numerous SaySo market research communities – not just paid surveys online.

Members participate in product testing, mystery shopping, product sampling, product and service reviews, online focus groups and discussion forums.

Our Online Research Community
pays you more for valued opinions.

SaySo consumer communities conducts market research for some of Australia’s most iconic brands who are looking for Australians to provide their valued opinions.

Losing the ability to conduct face-to-face market research has been a key factor in changing our research delivery and has made us innovate the way we conduct and deliver market research activities.

Paid Online Surveys

Paid Surveys are generally 1 – 15 minutes. Research Activities are not long boring questions. Online Surveys have interactive elements too such as text highlighters. These elements help gain more specific analysis for researchers.

Paid Focus Groups

Market Research Focus groups generally consist of approximately 4 people.  Discussions are moderated and take place over a live video session. These Paid Survey groups typically run for 60 – 90 minutes and participants are well rewarded. 

Paid Product Reviews

Based on your SaySo profile you can qualify to receive a product or prototype review. Product paid reviews required feedback online via paid surveys. These products are generally tested before it hits the market. 

Paid Shopping Reviews

Members who qualify for this marketing research activity are generally required to go to a store and purchase a specified product.  Tell us about your experience with the product. Was the product easy to find, did it present well on the self. 

Paid Sensory Testing

SaySo has evolved its market research tool kit and offers experience to members such as sensory testing. Evaluate food and drink, textures, smell and tastes of the products you know and don’t know.  Become a master of the human senses.

Market Research Forums

Participate in market research activities and interact with other like minded members and a moderator to explore opinions on particular topics. Take part in marketing research activities and be rewarded for the time and effort you put in.

Better paid research online.

Over this period, our Online Research Community has transitioned and adapted to market demands. More consumers are now online and looking for extra income opportunities and working from home alternatives, SaySo is the perfect solution.

Enhanced market research platform is the backbone of SaySo and has helped deliver a wide range of research activities to consumers online. Experience more online survey activity in our consumer communities.

Participate in a wide range of paid marketing activities, here are some of the ways SaySo members can earn rewards.


Do you love the paid Research from SaySo?

You’ll get Gift Card Rewards for each referred person that signs up and completes their first task and you can refer up to 10 people.

Don’t forget your friends will also receive Free Bonus Rewards just for signing up to SaySo.

Discover more online surveys by joining our market research communities.

Each month several market research activities get deployed across the consumer market research communities and within SaySo’s unique array of membership.  Based on a members unique profiles, activities are distributed for prompt completion and feedback.

Find out how to contribute more with our online paid surveys.

SaySo offers always on market research activities that a member can participate in.  Research activities like consumer community discussions, hot or trending topics, forums, image galleries. This is where your contribution is valued and will be rewarded over time.

Monthly prize pools, profile enhancements, bonus activities all allow for our members to collect more online rewards for their valued opinions.

General questions and answers below will help guide you through our market research platform, but if you are new to giving consumer insights online, don’t worry visit the SaySo FAQ page which will guide you through SaySo’s most common questions.


Chances are, if you’re looking for a way to earn more income from a side hustle, you’ve probably thought of taking paid surveys in Australia.

The truth is that completing online surveys for money can be a great way to make more money. Completing paid surveys online at SaySo can be a fun and easy way to pass time as well as earn some great e-gift cards. You can complete online surveys whilst on the go, or from the comfort or your home, it’s a great side hustle.

Brands and market research companies invite SaySo members to fill-out online market research activities about products and services. When members complete a survey, SaySo rewards them with $5 – $25 worth of reward points which get redeemed for e-gift card available online.

It is important to note that SaySo participants do not “qualify” for all paid surveys.

Our market researchers often seek the views of users who correspond to a specific demographic group or who have a need for certain products and or services on the market.

It’s really easy at SaySo. Simply take online surveys to answer questions about your opinion on a variety of topics and participation in market research activities. Completing paid surveys online is an easy way to make more money on the side.

You’re unlikely to get rich with the rewards from survey sites such as SaySo. But each time you participate in a paid survey with SaySo and complete the activity in full you will receive the advertised reward which you can redeem for gift cards.

We unlock access to multiple online communities, giving each member more opportunity to take part in paid surveys.

Legitimate Australian online research sites like really do pay for valued opinions.

Online research companies in Australia need survey participants. Engaged consumers like you, to fill in research questions and activities to provide honest feedback on market research projects.

Your feedback can help companies and brands innovate new products and services.

You can get rewards for completing paid surveys. The best research sites offer convenient e-gift cards from Australia’s best retailers.

To make money using online surveys, register with SaySo, verify your email address and fill out your profile questions.

With our mobile application, you can fill in several questionnaires from your smartphone, its that easy.

Keep at it. It takes time getting paid for surveys, but you will find with perseverance that it adds up over time.

You can actively participate in market research activities online and earn rewards by taking part in online and mobile paid surveys.

On average we are paying between $5 and $150 AUD per completed activity.

We welcome members 18 years of age or older. SaySo has thousands of mature, like minded research community members.

Payment is in the form of Gift Cards delivered online through our gift card supplier Gift Pay. 

Gift Pay have an extensive range of gift cards covering most of the biggest brands in Australia.

Only verified members can claim Gift Cards.

Agencies and brands literally pay SaySo community members to test their products and services to get honest feedback.

In many cases, the amount of money paid will cover part of the cost of the product.

SaySo is different to other paid survey sites.

You can complete the types of activities that suit you and your availability. 

We have plenty of paid surveys, but we also invite you to participate in conversations in forums and virtual focus groups.

Receive and review new products, mystery shopping exercises and sensory testing of food and beverages.

Just fill out our form which takes a few minutes.

Verify your email address, and you are away.

SaySo is currently open to Australian and New Zealand residents 18 years of age or older.

We recommend you refer friends and family to the research communities you engage in.

Within SaySo we have Sub-Communities. 

These are sections of SaySo that specialise on a particular product, category or client. 

Some online research communities are open for anyone to join, others are by invitation only depending on the required demographic of participants. 

If there are other market research communities available for you, you will see them on the Social menu, or will receive an email inviting you to join.

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You can join today, complete an online survey and redeem your gift card to use at a number of Australia’s leading retail brands.

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What Our Community Thinks About SaySo

See what our product research members are saying about SaySo.

Johanne VIC

“I have been a member of SaySo for the last 2 years, the online communities I am involved in are great and really make me feel like my opinions matter. The selection of gift cards are great too, I save my rewards up and spend them on special occasions. If you care about the products you buy, I strongly recommend you join SaySo and also join one of their online communities.”

Amanda QLD

“SaySo have the best online surveys, they are so easy to complete and I get sent heaps to look at each week. Because I am a regular I get sent bonus activities, I really feel that my opinions are getting used. If you want to earn some extra play money SaySo is great.”

Jack NSW

“I don’t generally sign up to these things, but I thought this could be a good way to get gift cards to use on camping and fishing gear. I signed up, it was really easy and had completed my first survey in no time, scored a $10 gift card pretty quick. I will absolutely continue using SaySo!”

Pdiddy McCrae

“Sayso is easy to use and the team are always there to help!
The team on sayso are very professional and the provide they provide allows for an easily accessible and easy to navigate service. I highly recommend using this.”


“Say So or you’ll never know!
Say So have several platforms all in the one place!
Brilliant 👍 The Vine, The Lab & Fork talk.
Have your say, review away or fill in the Poll’s!
Earn a little extra pocket money and have some fun whilst doing it and also getting involved within all the different communities ⭐️”

Carole U

“SaySo is a great way to express your opinion…
SaySo is a great way to express your views on different products and get points for doing this which is great. My opinion is taken into consideration for companies that are getting ready to put a new product on the market so get involved and help shape what you purchase.”


“A fun platform to give feedback via surveys, forums and trials!
I really enjoy being a member of SaySo!
I enjoy being able to complete reviews, attend forums and trial new products all to earn points to redeem for gift cards.
I highly recommend SaySo to my friends and family!”


“A Company with a Unique Community of Diverse Cultural Backgrounds
The company has a good number of activities that will fit everyone.
It has a good rewards system and everyone can say what’s on his/her mind; give constructive opinion/criticism on the topic presented for discussion.”