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SaySo offers paid research, paid surveys, Free Products, Paid Product testing and Online Focus Groups.

Designed purely for Market Research Activities, SaySo is one of Australia's Best Survey sites.

We are a consumer driven online community for Australia, made up of thousands of engaged Australians who all participate in paid research surveys and love giving their valued opinions online. 

Research Activities are delivered daily to the SaySo members via the SaySo easy to use platform and app.  A member can easily login at any time and complete an activity and be rewarded

SaySo offers members the opportunity to join bespoke communities relevant to their interests and personalities. 

Australian brands want your loyal feedback and online opinions for new product launches, market research and brand continuity. 

SaySo is designed for market researchers who want premium market research results.  If you want to join more than just a knowledge panel for a panel pay day, give a valued opinion and join SaySo today.

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Paid Online Surveys are now available.

Online Community driven market research is our difference.

Our online consumer communities, built specifically for market research projects makes us more than just an online research panel provider or another one of those new survey companies. 

SaySo’s fun and vibrant communities are the backbone of product innovation in Australia.  Companies that pay you to do surveys only do that, just pay you. We want two way communication “You Say So We Do”. 

Some research communities can last for months and sometimes years.  At SaySo you have multiple options to provide valued opinions across many marketing research activities, not limiting you just to paid surveys

SAYSO IS not a survey panel Australia!

With over a dozen online consumer communities SaySo offers members a unique experience. Based on profile criteria a SaySo member can join multiple consumer communities, join in ongoing forums with like minded people and topical discussions that drive innovation. Our online community enjoys the freedom to reward themselves everyday by accessing the abundance of paid online surveys and market research activities that suit their individual personalities. 

Ongoing Market Research Activities are available in our research communities.

The Marketing research activities are specifically designed by our market research team, offering simple quick online surveys and more engaging research requirements, where you would form part of a survey group and assist with paid studies. We may not produce the most market research activities each week here at SaySo, but the quality of the activities and the market research results we require heavily rely on your valued opinions, on topics and products you care about, from the brands you love. So we like to think that we are one step better than the best survey sites Australia.

So, if you want more than just paid surveys, join SaySo our communities need your valued opinions.

Online Market Research Community Conversations last longer

At Sayso our online market research community differs from most online shopper communities. It gives members the option to contribute via an array of different marketing research activities all in one convenient location. These communities give Australia’s leading brands access to dedicated and engaged opinions long term.

Multiple research communities are available.

Sayso has been designed to help brands better communicate with consumers during product development, brand development and many other areas of market research. You can join multiple online communities and earn multiple e-gift card rewards for your online opinions.  Engage in ongoing discussions with like minded people and see you rewards compound over time, just for giving online opinions regularly for the brands you love all whilst getting rewarded with fantastic e-gift cards and products.

online market research / Market Research platform

SaySo is powered by InsightIQ technologies, a market research platform and technology trusted by Australia’s leading brands for all market research needs . InsightIQ is the complete package of research tools connecting SaySo online communities with Australia’s largest brands. Its unique platform hosts online community solutions of all sizes and helps brands connect with consumers, customers, stakeholders, employees and more.

Market Research platform build for consumers.

SaySo has been a gateway to educating consumers about new market research activities available online.  Our members love that we uphold our promise to them “You SaySo We Do” and provide the opportunity to help shape the brands Australia loves most. InisghtIQ has given SaySo an enhanced market research platform and is the backbone of SaySo, helping deliver a wide range of research activities to consumers online.

Join SaySo and experience our online research community platform.

SaySo Developed by market researchers.

Founded over 10 years ago T garage has the most qualified panel of research specialist in the field. The T garage market research model is designed to integrate research into how everyday Australian’s live their lives. This approach has been found to give more robust, on demand insights. Leveraging SaySo has been pivotal in T garages clients’ success and has enabled T garage to maintain high levels of engagement, faster delivery with greater continuity. Thus, maintaining a higher completion rate of market research projects form sayso members.

SAYSO’s PAID market RESEARCH MODEL DELIVERS More Online Surveys Australia!
Join the SaySo family and become a member to one of the industry’s best survey sites Australia. Unlock survey rewards when you join, get bonus rewards when you refer a friend or join up to multiple consumer communities and earn more rewards for your valued opinions.
Take part in a large diverse selection of marketing research activities all delivered to suit your unique member profile. Activities such as standard research tools Online Polls, Focus Group Discussions, Photo Galleries, Online Surveys, etc.; SaySo now offers Text Chat, Audio Chat, Video Chat, Online Focus Groups, Remote Sensory testing, Product Trials, Mystery Box or Blind Box Experiences, Shop-Along, and Eye Tracking Activities.
Innovating Paid Survey Delivery so you get more online rewards.
Losing the ability to conduct face-to-face market research has been a key factor in changing our research delivery and has made us innovate the way we conduct market research activities.  Join thousands of Australia’s on SaySo and begin your journey in shaping Australia’s most iconic brands.

SaySo is quickly becoming One of the top survey sites Australia, for Australia’s leading brands and valued opinions.

Made in Melbourne, SaySo was built from the ground up by the team at Australia’s leading research company T garage, specifically for the Australian market research environment. T garage and partners are the main contributors in shaping SaySo consumer communities and delivering marketing research activities.

Built for Australian Market Research Activities.

Sayso has been designed to help brands better communicate with consumers during product development, brand development and many other areas of market research. SaySo builds, manages and rewards consumer communities on behalf of these Australian Brands. Our vision is to create a fun and relaxing place for Australians to come together and talk about lifestyle topics and to earn rewards for doing so. We have created a space where not only can you earn rewards from paid surveys, but also feel proud that your opinion has been heard and has helped shape some of Australia’s most iconic brands.

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Our Marketing Research Activities Shape the brands of Australia

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SaySo's Market Research Activities help shape consumer research, giving our brands the competitive edge.

Sayso online consumer communities differ from most online shopper communities, the reason being SaySo gives members the option to join multiple communities and contribute engagement via an array of different marketing research activities all in one convenient location.

SaySo encompasses a wide variety of clients, research products, and an overall Australian demographic of users. Not only does SaySo work with brands, but also it has its own dedicated research and analysis partners. Giving members more choice in market research activities more often, SaySo offers members a large choice of marketing research activities. SaySo helps market researchers choose the market research type that meets their needs. 

Paid Online Poll

A short online survey generally completed in forum or during a discussion in an online community. Polls earn online rewards.

Paid Community Discussion

An online community or internet community is a group of people with a shared interest who communicate online. Online communities require regular member feedback via market research activities.

Paid Mystery Shopper / Secret Shopper

The payment for each mystery shopper / secret shopper assignment varies, depending on what is involved, but is generally between a $20 gift card and up to $100 in some cases per completed activity.

Paid Online Surveys

Paid online surveys means that you can earn rewards for online surveys from the comfort of your own home, and no two surveys will be the same.

Paid Product Testing

Product testing generally rewards opinions with product samples or e rewards. Test products onsite or online virtually in the comfort of your home.

Paid Focus Groups

A paid focus group is an online market research panel that you can sign up to participate in onsite or online focus groups and online surveys. Valued opinions get rewards. 

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With your choice of e rewards including gift cards, vouchers and products from Australia’s favourite brands. We give our members the option to redeem rewards when they want, with the largest selection of e-gift cards online. You can join today, complete an online survey and redeem your gift card to use at a number of Australia’s leading retail brands.

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