Our Own Paid Surveys Now Reward you more often with points for each paid research activity. Gift Card Rewards when you join.

Paid Research Activities Earn you Gift Card Reward Points

We want the most engaging audience for our market research clients, we know that Australians want reward for their valued opinions and our points rewards program does just that.

SaySo Points offer Paid Survey Rewards Online

As you complete our online surveys, you earn points that are credited to your account. There will be a variation in the amount of points accumulated by each job as it is dependent both on the length of time and depth of knowledge required. The points you’ll receive for completing a survey will be explained to you before you choose to participate.

Join one of the best survey websites

Your valued opinion is needed to shape the brands we all love, join one of the best survey sites Australia, its easy to start earning additional income with SaySo online surveys and market research activities.

Engage in Research Activities

Engage SaySo’s online community activities including market research activities, sensory tests, product reviews, online surveys, Focus Groups, community discussions and more.  The more activities you complete the more points you earn.

Get paid to do surveys online

Get instant access to gift cards, e rewards, vouchers, products and online redemptions. Participate in paid online surveys, claim bonus community points rewards for your valued online opinions.

Earn More Market Research Points.

Community Market Research survey invitations indicate how many points you will earn. In exchange for taking online surveys, you will earn points that you can redeem for eGifts. The points are accumulated against your profile in the database, and can be redeemed whenever you like. To redeem, you must accumulate at least $5.00.

You can earn points as long as you are active. You will lose access to your points if you haven’t accessed them for over a year.

Survey rewards for valued opinions

We have partnered with Australia's biggest brands to give you more survey rewards.  Earn Points for your Valued Opinions and claim rewards today.

Complete more Product Tester surveys online faster at SaySo

We reward valued opinions with Survey rewards, paid marketing activities are a great way to earn more rewards online. Join our rewarded members who participate in online focus groups and product testing Australia. Hundreds of market research activities are available each month at SaySo.  

Your opinions are valued, so have your SaySo and claim rewards for opinions. Spread across SaySo’s consumer online communities, a wide range of marketing research activities are available to our members to participate in.


Get more Research Activities

SaySo Community members earn extra points rewards for the surveys they take. Unlock bonus market research activities with SaySo.

Chance to earn free rewards online

Every month we give away thousands of dollars in rewards! Every online discussion you participate in gives you another chance in our monthly prize draw.

Claim online surveys for money

Points rewards for paid activities can be processed a number of ways. SaySo Points will unlock e rewards  – including instant digital rewards and e-gift cards. 

Marketing Research Activities that share your valued opinions.
Most market research activities fall within qualitative research, quantitative research, and sensory market research. Online Polls, Focus Group Discussions, Photo Galleries, Online Paid Surveys, Survey Form, Typeforms, Community Forums, Highlighter Surveys, Online Card Sorting, Swipe Surveys, Brand Grouping activities, Ranking Activities, Collage groups, Brand Collage activities, Text Chat, Audio Chat, Video Chat, Online Focus Groups, Sensory Testing, Face to Face Focus Groups, Product Trials, Shop-Along & Eye Tracking and mystery box’s are all part of the research tool box.

Can you earn doing surveys online?

Yes! Market research needs your valued opinion.

It's easy to earn survey rewards with SaySo Points.

At SaySo our Online Opinions are important to Market Researchers. As a SaySo member you need to actively participate in market research, give your online opinion by completing the market research activity assigned.

With hundreds of activities available each month, there is no better time to start your journey with SaySo.  Completing paid surveys in Australia at SaySo can be a fun way to pass your time as well as earn some extra money. It can also be a great way to reach your financial goals with a bit of extra cash. With SaySo points you can choose to redeem your accumulated points for a $5 e gift card or save points for a rainy day. More gift card options become available when you save.

You can complete online surveys on the go, or from the couch, so it is an extremely convenient side hustle.

"My Opinions impact the brands I love, SaySo online community gives me the opportunity to make a difference" - Gannett - SaySo Member

SaySo Journey to Points Rewards
Sign Up

By simply clicking on the Join Now button and following the prompts you will start the sign up process for SaySo. 

Confirm Details

SaySo will require you to confirm your email address and mobile number initially to avoid duplicate profiles and confirm identity.


You now have access to SaySo and will be prompted with how to setup your online profile and how to start your first online survey

Start market research activities

Now you are familiar with SaySo and how easy it is to use, you can start participating in paid surveys. Based on you profile, surveys will be sent to your email address for you to engage in an activity. If your profile matches the research requirement, you can complete the online survey.

Get points rewards

Upon successfully completing a paid online survey, you will be eligible to receive point rewards based on the points value advertised in the research invitation. Points can be exchanged for a variety of e gift cards valued from $5 from a large selection of Australia’s leading retailers.

Refer a friend

Now that you are passionate about SaySo, share in the rewards and invite a friend.

Join a community

You can now participate in discussions for some of Australia’s biggest brand names, by joining a SaySo consumer community. You can participate in ongoing discussions and get rewarded for your SaySo. Paid surveys, paid polls, paid discussions and Free products are all available within community engagement.

At SaySo, paid surveys help members earn rewards for valued opinions more often.

Join SaySo, marketing research activities are always available in any one of our market research communities.

After you follow this simple sign up process you will get access to paid online surveys and paid marketing research activities, allowing you to participate in more types of paid surveys online.

Most paid activities are rewarded with points to the value of $5 – $25 gift cards, each month the consumer communities discusses different topics relative to market trends and provide e rewards for high engagers.  Some of our members join up to 5 separate SaySo communities and take part in general SaySo activities where applicable to enhance rewards.

Frequently asked Questions about SaySo Points.

You can earn Points by completing Activities. Any Points you earn will be credited to your Member Account within 3 days of the date they are earned.

The number of Points you can earn will vary between Activities. Most activities reward 20 points per minute. Each Activity will display the maximum number of Points that you can earn for completing that Activity, which may vary depending on whether you meet the criteria to participate in the Activity and your level of progression in respect of the Activity.

1 Point has the equivalent value of 1 cent. 

Your Points will only be forfeited if they have been awarded in error or where your removal from an Activity is a result of your breach of SaySo privacy policy, you forfeit your rights to all Points that have (or would have been) accumulated as a result of your participation in that Activity.

You can redeem your Points for a Gift Card on the Platform. You can only redeem your Points for a Gift Card once you have accumulated the equivalent value of 5 Australian dollars and have a verified mobile with your account.

You may choose from any of the Gift Cards that we offer, and for which you are eligible, on the Website. The Gift Cards that we offer on the Website may change from time to time.

Your Points will expire 1 year after the date that they have been credited to your Member Account unless cancelled or forfeited earlier in accordance with our privacy policy.

You can view your Points balance at any time via your Member Account.

No. Your Points are awarded on a personal basis and are not transferrable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash.

No, you may not combine your Points with any Points belonging to another member.

Yes! Please do. Everyone is welcome to join.

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Try new products and keep them with SaySo Market Research.

Valued opinions online earn e-gift cards.

Opinions are valued at SaySo, the results of our marketing research activities are important. We provide paid surveys for gift cards and give our members the option to redeem points rewards when they want, with the largest selection of e-gift cards online.

You can joint today, complete an online survey, earn SaySo points and redeem your e-gift card to use at a number of Australia’s leading retail brands.

Earn gift cards fast

Join Australia's great online community, get gift cards for doing surveys and shape the brands you love.


Join now and experience our new rewards program that provides more rewards more often. Its simple join and earn instant sign up rewards and take your first paid online survey, take part in online community polls or engage in our online community, it is easy to earn more online rewards with SaySo.

Your Opinions are valued at SaySo

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